I couldn't have said it better myself...;-)

Crystal W.

Internet dating sites should make this article required reading for the cougar prey members. I can't tell you how many young studs with great potential, I've talked to who just don't get it, that unlike most other dating, cougar dating is not "all about them" getting their rocks off, and fulfilling their fantasies. Cougar dating is about reciprocity, quid pro quo, and both parties getting their needs taken care of. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten excited in anticipation and been bored to tears listening to them go on about sports, talk about themselves, brag about their sexual prowess, and reveal their idealistic naivete about politics & religion. Cougar hunting requires a degree of finesse and not all young men have developed this. Cougars be advised, there are many using this new, popular dating type as an excuse to forego the normal polite protocol of regular dating, the effort it requires, and get laid on the cheap. It's an excuse that allows them to be a rude, crude, mannerless pigs. On the other hand, I've been refreshed and delighted by some of the young men I've met, a twenty something marine with a delicious tall, lean deer rifle body, who's been to war and should be jaded, but somehow retains his innocence about women. He's an uncomplicated diamond in the rough, completely unaware of his charms, and totally disarmed when I flirt with him in an erotic, playful way. He's just so cute I could eat him up. Then there's the 30 something Russian Art Director, who has a degree in biochemistry. English is his second language, but he's quite adept at holding an intellectual conversation in it. This guy is so smart, knowledgeable, cultured, subtle, refined, polite, and gentlemanly that his degree of polish could probably bring on an a climax. Both of these men, though polar opposites, inspire a level of arousal in me, that I haven't felt since my teens.


I am involved with a man 17 years younger than myself. He attented high school with my children! I am really having an issue with the age thing. It doesn't seem to bother him and honestly it didn't bother me until we began having sex. Don't get me wrong the sex is great, but I feel terrible after he leaves. I'm not sure where to go from here.
On one hand I can't stop thinking about how wonderful he is and on the other hand I think I'm nuts! Help!
To make things worse my children have NO idea and will probably never be able to look at me again when they do find out.
I'm not ready to give this relationship up, but I'm also not ready for it to develope into something more serious.
Any suggestions??

Cougar Beauty Secrets

Very nice article... I enjoyed it very much!


great discussion, here's a great vid i just found with tips for cougar dating

date a cougar

Cougar hunting requires a degree of finesse and not all young men have developed this. Cougars be advised, there are many using this new, popular dating type as an excuse to forego the normal polite protocol of regular dating, the effort it requires, and get laid on the cheap


Great article. I am 52 dating a man 32 for the last 2 years. He is college educated, articulate, adorable and able to be in a great 50/50 attention/interests relationship. We met through a mutual interest and while the age concerned us at first now, we never even think about it. We live together now and have no intention of parting ways. I say go for it!


I started flirting with a young 40, married with 6 kids...he wasn't enjoying his marriage at all, but I found that I thought about him a lot. We would see each other occasionally, TXTm talk on the phone, and have far so good..he knew the rules, that he was a want more than a need. All was well then he started behaving like a boy. Not TXTing back, no answers, no calls...I decided big boys are usually easier and at least display better manners. He has now been deleted from my cell phone.

Daryl Dorsey

Very interesting article. I enjoyed reading it and picked up alot of tips.


i liked your artical and look forward to using this info on my next date


Hi my name is ringo and i'm looking for a cougar, i'm 24 and i need an older woman who is going to show me the ropes. Please send me a photo and details of your measurements


im a 29 yr old white male looking for a outgoing up for nt your everyday young man.i own a company,no kids or even been marryed.


I am a 24 year old guy and this is a very educating as well as useful article. Thank you for sharing it.



so matured!


Intellect and confidance are key in the realm.. I am dating a 45 year young beautiful woman right now.. I'm 23 and she I definatly what I've been looking for.. her daughter is my age and that makes my cougar a little uncomfortable.. but I keep my head hi and my conversation juicy.... that's it... you have to really know what your doing especially when dealing with a cougar... they know more than you.. you just have to seem to know more than her

Tim Lawson

Im 23 and Im take this girl out that is 29 would she be considered a Cougar?


Great article! I have a love for cougars at 17 yrs old and this may just be the push i need to go out there , find one, and talk to her


great article loved it !!!!


any cougars in pasadena area?


im 30 and looking for older lady in pasadena, CA area. i hope u exist?. my email is

Michelle Rawling

I hope this trend continues!


just remember all cougars are not sugar mamma too. where did they get that term. other side to it could be cougar looking for young man with money.




searching for friendship


I was at a local bar this past New Year's Eve when a gorgeous, tall, lean, blonde young man came up to me, stared into my eyes, and said, "You are beautiful." I thanked him, turned away to watch the band, and when I turned around he was still there and still staring. We started talking, and it wasn't long before I waltzed out the door with him at closing time. Mind-blowing night, all night. But I was boss, and he was my pupil, and a willing pupil he was...(BTW, I'm 47 and divorced) If he hadn't been so innocently confident there is no way I would have gone home with him. So to all of you young hunters out there: be yourself, but be aware that women our age appreciate manners, abhor cockiness, and can detect B.S. a mile away.
Good luck! ;)


i have to remind everyone that younger men are not fully developed as adults they may appear confident but have a long way to learn about life. the older women has lived her life and has different expectations, the realtionship is only short term and long term it would not work out its only a novelty thing for yopunger men. the older woman wants more than that a comittment and young men dont want comittment all what they want is freedom and no responsibility


Hey, great article. If you're a cougar who's having trouble finding a local cub (young man), check out [cougar dating websites]

hot cougars

Also, just because a guy is younger than you, do not underestimate him. Guys today are more savvy and sophisticated at a very young age.

Jane@Cougar Dating

What's not to like about younger men? They are usually in good shape, younger, more energetic (especially in bed) and is looking to gain your (you being the cougar) approval and confidence.

Cougar relationships do not have to be short term either. I've been in long term relationships with a much younger guy and that worked out lovely for the both of us.


What a great article.. I sincerely wish more men would read this and understand. So many think they can just swoop in and say what ever they wish and get their way. The "hey baby" pick up line doesn't work with a cougar, at least not this cougar.. Thanks so much for this. I think I'm going to print it up and make every guy I meet read it .. LOL.


One of my goals is to find myself a good cougar.....Its been a fantasy ever since I was even younger, back in high school year.

Lisa green

I love younger men. I have dated only men at least 5 years younger and as much as 10 years younger than me for many years. I love the energy and a nice tight bod. Older men just aren't the same, different mentality. I seem to have more in common with younger guys. They're actually more fun and are usually more interested in me. I'm flattered. I think younger men like cougars because they have no agenda, don't usually want to get married and are usually very independent and don't need a man to take care of them.


I'm 26 years old. Looking for a Cougar.


Looking for a cougar closer to Winchester, VA. Quid pro quo based on mutual needs. Willing to keep this whole thing discreet. I'm a good looking guy with a gf, its just that lately I'm getting a hard on for older women and I just can't seem to let it go. I need this. Email me


Can a cougar be the best lover for a youg men?


Is their any cougar that wants to date me?


hi pls i need a cougar lady. am raphael dey should contact me on

Don Green

I would say dating an older women is great not only because she is your lover but she would also have that motherly instinct with you as well and be able to comfort you like a younger women may not be able to.Plus there would be no games like their could be with younger women.Also their sexual experience is invaluable in bed trust me and they tend to be secure and set in their lives.Just my opinion but an older women is great and that's nothing against younger women.


Hmmm. I have been considering older women since they are more mature and more experienced, in all facets of life. Young women tend to not know what they want or where to go....yet. I know a cougar, well she isn't really a cougar, I don't think...but she is WAYYYY older than me...56. I chat with her online, from time to time and flirt with her just for fun, she likes it. I am only 25, I think she is a LITTLE too old for me. She is italian and doesn't look like she aged one bit!! I'm sure she like younger boys....LOL. I wish I could marry her, in heaven perhaps......


Good article.. I'm a 23 yr old who is looking to date Mature women and so far I haven't had any luck. Does anyone know where I can go find them ??? I've seen so many hot older women out there but how do I know they are looking or are into dating younger men?? I live in San Diego so can please any one help me..


Im black and African, I reside in Malaysia. I hope I could find me a cougar. I'll rock your world. HOLLA AT

Dave Hanson

I couldn't help but stumble onto the cougar website, and I must say - I love it! I just wanted to turn you on to this song - it's by this great band from here in Chicago called Thunderwing, who have been featured in many magazines as well as have shared the stage with many famous major bands. The song is called "Cougar In A Jaguar" and can be heard here : . It's in the music player - all you have to do is click on it. There is also a video in production for the song right now but it's not completed yet. Either way - the song is really fun, so check it out!


I am 18 years old and I act mature for my age but I still know how to have a good time and this article really helps I feel confident to talk to older woman now.

Kevin Karcher

"I'm 22 years old guy from
Newbury Park & Thousand Oaks CA.

"I'm searching for a Cougar who's local
where I live or close by, between the
ages of 39-45 years old ? "


any cougars interested email me at im 24 from Moncton, NB Canada


i am a man that love to have relationship with the cougar i really like to have love with them and be love i like the way they threated ther special someone


i am 28 years old im looking an older woman to lave and be my partner my email is contact me anytime


im am 28 years old male im looking a cougar that love to have a relationship with the filipino my email


I want an older experience woman to make my life complete... Also
I want to improve my social-communicational-skills, there is why I want to have Lifetime relationships with person who will be my Leader (teacher, mentor) and simultaneously willing to searching & bringing a clients for my Freelance service (translating, consulting, guiding, DIY– service, housekeeping, marketing researches & so on).
I want to communicate with Lady-person who will like me despite of my submissive behavior. And for me there is no matter how terrible or ugly she may seems for others people, mainly: she must be at least a little wiser than me also she must to enjoy communication with me, and she must finding clients for my freelance service & provide a simple shelter for me, and talking with me regulary.
I am: June 19, 1982 Year date of birth, blond haired & blue eyed
angel, 171sm (5' foots +7" inches), 67 kilo, love to SWIMMING, Skis, Badminton.
Two University qualifications: Engineer & Travel Manager.
Doing Freelance Service for a living & helping people.

Feel free to contact me at my name (andreishaiko) a t yewaho o dot com...
I am not a member so please contact me at my name (andreishaiko) a t yewaho o dot com...
I see it sounds a little strange, and I asking you to take it serious.
I offering you to be your personal animal which caring of you, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and cleaning and fixing & installing all what you like.
PS: I can be your faithful pet. I prefer to eat a simple food & drinking clean water. I may cost you just: 55 liters of simple drinking water, 3 kilogram of buckwheat, 3 kilo of kidney beans, 3 kilo of oatmeal, 3 kilo of millet, 3 kilo of barley & 30 liters of milk per month. (Of course, I will be happy to receiving some fruits & vegetables as the bonuses for submissive behavior.) I may to wearing used clothes & use used things. So count all this items & answer to yourself: "Can I afford to have such home-Dog?"

PS: my Skype name is: andreishaiko

James my friend are down right pathetic. Im sorry but if you think that bullshit you posted..being someones house dog??? Stating amounts of water and food you would require them to supply you with?? Do you really think that any woman would want someone like that. That describes himself as an animal. That is just ridiculous man. I feel sorry for you really, there isnt a woman alive that is going to go for the horse shit you are spewing in your comment. Get some new material guy.




Hi everybody cougars and young men, I have been in relationships with cougars all of my life and now I'm 53 and still love to have a relationship with a cougar, believe it or not they kept me young and if I have to do it again I will do the same thing all over again.
Looking for a cougar in Woodbridge, VA area.


after reading,feeling elated,right now i need a cougar to complete lifes deficiency.


i am 29 years old looking an older woman to lave and be my partner my email is contact me anytime


This message is for Lori and the rest of you 40-something women who think these 20-something (boys) are such great-hot-things.It'so obvious that alot of you just haven't been in the right relationship with men your own age. If any of you really were into the right relationship with someone your own age, emotionally, physically, and intellectually...because to be on the same wavelength emotionally, is a turn-on, and the guy doesn't have to be 20! Most of this "cougar" shit is all about sex and appearance. A 20-something guy hasn't the slightest clue what makes a woman in their mid-to late 30's or 40's tick. NO CLUE! They could care less about her getting an orgasim, as long as they get theirs! And most importantly, what could they ever have in common besides sex??! NOTHING!! It's novelty plain & simple. Nothing more,nothing less. If a "cougar" was in the right relationship with the right guy her own age, this "cougar" shit wouldn't even exist. It's all about a man feeling confident enough about themselves and their ability to make a woman feel like a woman. As long as he can do that, it doesn't take some 20-something kid who doesn't know their ass from their face to make a woman feel good!! But your a woman who's into dating children then more power to you. But I believe that a real woman doesn't need a kid to have a fulfiling, emotionally enhancing experience with a "real man."


This is too funny! Im 12 yrs older than my current "boy toy" and although its great fun... I dont always get enough attention- dont know if its him playing COD or what!! But I will keep him around until somebody better comes along. Good luck out there... if it makes you happy- it cant be too bad ;)

Eddie De Angelo

I am a 48 yr old divorced man looking for a relationship with a good women. I like the outdoors like going out to dinner pretty much open to anything,


hello im a 22 yr old guy and well i befriended this older 35 year old woman in my night classes at college...i think shes into me cuz shes always smiling and laughing and gets shy when i look at her at times...she asked me for my info and gives me rides home and we study also attracted to her, shes not bad looking and she seems like she knows how to have fun but hasnt done so in a while...i think this article has some real key pointers and i might just take that next step!


I'm lookin for a beautiful mature women to have wild hot sexy I'm 30 years old that has a 8" long and 2"inchs thick more then enough fun so hit me up at must be decret.

Ken kamau

I urgently need a woman to take care of me and i promise to take her to another level of love making



Im looking for sexy older mature woman who ready for a young black 22 years of age n can basically handle everything i have to offer > If ur interested hit me up at




I am the reluctant cougar, actually until now I was not even admitting it to myself, until I read this article!.. I am divorced and I was married to a man the same age as me and am divorced. I dated a man 12 years younger and one even 23 years younger and another 15 years younger;..most of the time I am busy trying to push them away, I would much rather find a man close to my age that was young at heart and had a full head of hair! I look about 28-30; which doesn't help matters either; I can not find someone like me so I tend to find more in common with younger men; but ultimately, it does not work with men in there 20's and women in their 40's..I think a 10 year gap is more realistic for long term goals..actually I have decided to boycott younger men all together; but find men my own age excrucitatingly boring and insecure; clinging on to their status and money thinking it can replace testostorone, charm and taking care of their bodies..


Hey, looking for a cougar in Irvine CA or anywhere around Orange County. If your interested in getting to know one another, email me at :)


I'm a researcher at Columbia University doing a study on the cougar phenomenon. I'm looking for women who live and/or work in the New York City metropolitan area who identify as "cougars" and might be willing to let me interview them for this project. We could set up a time and interview location that works best for you, and you would be compensated $20 for your trouble. The interview would last approximately one hour. If this is something you might be willing to consider, please email me at for more information.


Am 25 years old black guy, looking for an older woman to love, pls contact me:


i am henry and i need old woman for a good relationship, age is never a barrier, plz you can contact me at my email address,

Manuel Bucci

I'm Manuel Bucci. I"m looking for an older woman who's satisfying, loving, caring, and well to do. Please contact me at


K, before i read this article i thought i was going going physco, i recently developed this thing for women older than me and its really happening exponentially, thanks now i know how and where to secure one...m 21 yrs z this being normal, i mean i can't even talk to a lady shrink


I am nice male I am intrested a cougar women for sex
e-mail me

elmer M. Pelonia

Am 19 years old phillipino, looking for an older woman to love, pls contact me: FACEBOOK


18 year old male looking for a cougar of knowledge and adventures. If your in the so cal area email me
I guarantee I'm not like other young men.


im 29 years old black guy, looking for an older woman to love in vancouver bc canada


Can you scream DESPERATE!?


I'm a 21 male blue eyes, half Irish mix, 5'11 athletic built. Sweet, outgoing, and funny. I'm Looking for a real woman age don't matter. If you want to know more please feel free to contact me I stay in fort worth


Well I am a young professional in a relationship. Also I am sad to say my relationship is not exactly moving in the direction I am looking for (that is to say love just isn’t enough anymore, I miss the hot passionate sex). I was called at my office by a potential client who I had about a 10 min conversation with. After 5 minutes talking somehow in the conversation she started to ask about me, not my experience in my field but what I looked like. I’m almost ashamed to admit I played along and gave her my personal number and told her I also admitted to her I am in a relationship. She calls me almost immediately after I get of work tells me she doesn’t care if I am in a relationship she only wants to have fun and get her needs meet. I agree and we have spent 3 weeks texting playful things and sending pictures. I have tried to meet her in 2 different occasions to no success. She has always canceled right before we are about to meet. I need help and some advice as to what to do. I have to say I am starting to fall for her or at least what I know of her and I have even put things on hold with my girlfriend because I don’t see things improving in my current relationship. Why won’t she meet me, is it because the pictures I am getting of her are 10 years old? What should I do? I would love to have some advise as to how to meet this woman who is 9 years older than me. How do I get it to go more to the physical side without looking like I am throwing a fit because I want to meet her in person?

Hello im 36 year old man,who lives by himself.. Looking to have a good to time.. Love older woman.. If u over the age of 45.. Email me!

ahmer ansari

hi i am Ahmer Ansari from karachi Pakistan looking for experience lady to share my experience my email is
cell #03323350179


25 younf black male wanna have fun with cougar.


I will be in Chicago from Sept 10-12....looking to take a nice mature woman out for drinks and maybe some dancing. I am a 29 yr old black male. 6'4'' and in good shape. Email me at


HEY. Im hard. HMU. PLEASE. old women fooo lifeeee.


I'm new to this site. But have no regrets. I've always liked younger mem.More viberant,more of a diversed conversation. Although I'm considered a cougar,I feel relieved that I'm not the only woman who believes in cougar love.


Im a woman (50) who is full of excitement in the Charlotte, NC area. Are there any young men in my area interested in meeting a young @ heart single woman? Let me make u feel like the lion!


I'm a young guy who would like to meet a hot Cougar in the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Fl areas. I am rather inexperienced sexually and would LOVE to feel what it feels like to lose innocence to an older, mature woman--or women! I would like to meet you if you're between 35 and 49, but I am open to Cougars up into their 70s and 80s---if YOU'RE UP TO IT!!! Can you handle me? Please send me an e-mail at'll be waiting.....................................

John Kneip

I am lookng for a Brazilien lady about 50
with the name called brigitte. My email is My address is,24-2195
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My phone nr is 778-2803083. I speak english.French an German. I love one witth
a nice face

John Kneip

i am a sexi bull call now


i am looking for a cougar between the ages of 35 and 55, i have never had sex before so i hope that a sexy cougar that have a high sex drive who would also breastfeed me for long hours on end. email me at if interested


I'm a 50 y/o man looking for a cougar, I'm single again, but I believe I would enjoy the company of a fine woman. Someone who would enjoy my company as much as I would enjoy theirs. I am a passionate man, who can go all nite. My email is Sbrjr1961@


I'm an 28 year old handsome African American male, 5' 11, 185 pounds, residing in the Los Angeles area. I'm looking for a sweet, nice beautiful cougar. Send me an email and picture if interested at

Young Scandinavian

Im a very young guy who would like to chat on MSN, with a older woman.. Add my MSN: (Got cam)


Looking for attrctive older women

Juan Alfonso

Very interesting article. Im a 23 year old male and definitely love older women (mid 30s and up). I live in south Florida.


Im a young handsum p.r guy....whillin to excite a older womans life lol....only if yuh can help me fix my life up....Its a long story....we coyld talk bout it over dinner or somethin....hmu on my

cassidy humphery

i am a lovely and sexy boy,romantic,in nature,looking for a cougar woman that i will promise love,and am good in bed,i promise she will like to be with me after having once with him,u can call me on my cell phone,+2348034896594.i will be waiting to hear from any interested person.

Laura Schepis

I am new to the cougar/cub thing, but have found that a young man matches my very young-at-heart spirit. I am 57 and regularly see a 28 and 26 year old. I realize the age difference is extreme, 31 years with the youngest, but I so love their candor, fun nature, hard bodies, and energy. Of course their adventurous nature in the sack is the icing on the cupcake. I can match their energy because I am very active, in shape, and have a very young look. I consistently have guys in their 20's contact me on dating sites. This whole phenomenon still mystifies me, but I am certainly benefiting from it and will go on enjoying cubs hopefully for a long time.

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