love older women

Christine F

Thanks for the clarification, I am 37 and I have had some flings with men in there early 20's so i guess now I am officially a cougar.


I'm 50 and have been dating a young man 16 years my junior. Although he loves me and I absolutely adore him, our issues are that I had children very late in life. My ex husband brought it to my children's attention that my boyfriend was born the year I graduated from high school! Now I have to deal with my eldest daughter absolutely disrespecting my boyfriend and in turn her lack of respect has recently caused us to break up. I'm absolutely devastated and there is nothing I can do about it. My children are my children and they will always be my priority. But I'm so torn because they also cause such a roadblock in my relationships. I am grateful that I have my kids, but I'm also torn because they cause such friction . At 50 years old, I feel that I have very little time to find my soul mate. I know I'm beautiful, fun loving and energetic. But I fear that time is running out on me to find a new relationship.

Linda Franklin

Here's the thing. There are no rules about how old is too old. And waiting for someone to complete you doesn't work either.

When you find someone you enjoy spending time, who makes you happy don't listen to the chatter from the peanut gallery.

Women need support and other women who understand and are in similiar relationships. That is why I started the
Real Cougar Club. It's for women only and they are telling it like it is.


I am 57.
Can I find a cougar over 57?

Alotta Vergina

My name is Alotta..Alotta Vergina. I am 46 years old. I am dating a 22 Year old stallion. I am not ashamed at all..we have a wonderful relationship. He is so "youthful".and I "know things".


I have dated several men up to 17 years younger. I would rather date a man my own age because I find it difficult to take the younger man too serious. Sure they are fun and can keep up with my enthusiasm and energy by when I am 75 the current love interest will be does that work?


Cougars are the Best!



Nancy Caldwell

I am 69 and I married a man 52 - we both are attractive people - both are looked at by the opposite sex a lot. We are so attracted to each other and the sex is so so good - I look mostly like a 45 year old and stay in shape - large breasts. He looks more like 55 but his body is more like a 35 year old - I am a retired college teacher and he's a high school drop out. He is brilliant...... I use Mannatech and an inversion table........


Well on the other foot i was a 55yo male and was dating a 22yo female for 6 mths mmmm AND!


I need a cougar for real n am ready to put every oda fin behind and follow her... i like her to be busty. leave me a msg via "Dennis De Mata Uvo"


I was just called a cougar and I am just 30 and my boyfriend is 25---- I should forward this link to some ;)


I was engaged at 23 to a 21-year old woman. I later sensed some things a bit strange about her and broke it off, and am happy I did. She's since been divorced twice, and now at 45 is dating a 26-year old guy who's just a few years older than her sons. I guess if you want to be a "cougar," it's fine, but I know her second husband, a 43 year old guy she divorced to get her freedom isn't handling it all that well. I feel bad for him, but more sorry for her and the mess she's created for her family. People are just getting too selfish and only care about themselves... how many of you really wish YOUR mom or grandmother was a "cougar?" Yep, that would be something to be proud of.


@Alotta Vergina

Try "When I'm 65 and he's 49... how does that work?" Answer: If it even gets that far, I'd be surprised. By then he'll be looking for someone in their 30s or early 40s... he won't want to be with his grandma.

george singh

I am a 56 year young straight male, not bad looking,just a quiet ,easy going person.I am looking to meet a older low profile good looking lady,I am living in new york city.

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