Jeffrey "Deer Tiger" Roth

I've heard that lots of times when out on the town a cougar will spot you before you even know they are there. If this is true, why do men even bother trying to Cougar hunt? They will not show themselves to you unless they chooses to, or make a mistake!

Being cougar prey can be fun. However, it is important to keep in mind that Cougars have a wide range and do not mate for life.

Be weary of these felines.



the watcher

it was just talked about that cougars dont like to play those games that u have to play with younger girls, but u just said in the closing paragraph that "u'll be no challenge for them if they smell ur fear." NO CHALLENGE...the whole point of the "game" is to be a challenge, and cougars supposedly dont like playing those games. but now ur saying, according to that last paragraph, that u need to be a challenge. so which is it?


Ah, the mistake you read into this is that "cougars don't like to play the same games as younger girls" and you took that for us not liking games at all? No. Just not little girl games. Games are fun remember? Flirting is fun. Cat and mouse is fun. Not for too long, we'll tire of you and move on, but I think most cougars LOVE attention from guys, we like to feel desired and chased...still. Younger girls get it all the time and they get flip. Older women like to cut the chase. If she's not into you she'll tell you. But it's not just Nice to Meet Ya and hit the sack. That's boring. This is wear you guys go wrong, in my experience. It's not always a sure thing...seduction is fun for all. You don't have to be passive to enjoy cougar time.
The Culinary Cougar

#1 Cougar Woman

I don't know who you are exactly, BUT YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING WRITER! I mean it! I surf the web day and night sometimes and this page on us 40ish to 50ish cougar women just made my day. I am going to tell all the ferocious cougar women I hang out with in my cougar den to come read this page. They will love you, too. Your wit is refreshing! I especially like what you've written about #1 moneyed cougar woman, how true and witty.


Here is what makes a Cougar. A woman is married for several years. Her husband hits his midlife crisis and runs off with a younger woman. What's left for the wife? She can either bid her time until she's sixty (at which time her male counterparts have finished their midlife crisis, are no longer able to get younger women, so they're ready to play with women their own age), OR she can salve her bruised ego by dating younger guys so she can prove to herself and everyone else that she's still hot. The cougar bait loves her because she's not after his credit card like younger women (who are after the older men), and he can use the Cougar for sex without any responsibility. Sorry to offend, but this is pretty much how it goes.


couger is ok. But what about midnight cowboys?

Jennifer Akes

I am a cougar and became one by accident,and by the way you are wrong about Cougars mating for life. I am very happily married to my cub as are many cougars. I met my much younger man during a job interview. I didn't want a man, nor did I think needed a man (he proved me wrong). And that was exactly what attracted my husband. He said he prizes my independence and the fact that I am my own person. I am quite capable of taking care of myself, but have found sharing my woes and my celebrations with someone to be an incredible experience. My husband brings a lighter side to life and reminds me daily not to take myself so seriously. We have a great relationship and he is my best friend and my most trusted confidant. I just wanted to set the record straight. Some cougars become cougars simply because at this point in our lives we are changing from mothers to single women. Our children are grown, our husbands have run off with their secretaries or gone to find themselves. And suddenly we realize that life can change in an instant. You can either embrace it, or it will run over you. Cougar are attracted to younger men because men our age often expect us to be what they want now what we truly are. Older men often cannot handle a woman with her own thoughts and desires, that is why I am with a younger man. I would much rather be a babysitter than a nursemaid. I enjoy my life, I have a wonderful man who can keep up both mentally and physically with me. I am experiencing things I thought I would never do or feel thanks to this incredible man I was lucky enough to meet, become friends with and marry. Good luck to all you out there that think cougars are a passing fad, or simply a sign of the times, in reality we are a the changing face of modern women, who take life on their own terms. We will not be categorized by our ages, income, or living situation.


cougars attract men who dont want any children! Cougars eggs have rotted and some young men are okay with that! Lol


Will be coming out to California about the middle of October and would like to hear from one or more hot Cougars that I could meet with for some great sex when I get there. I am planning to come to the San Diego and/or Los Angeles areas. I would like to meet Cougars between 35 and 65 years young.
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