Lancaster, PA Italian, Brown hair and eyes. Been told they are puppy dog eyes. I am 42 6ft 210


i wanna date an older woman.


I'm a young man just reached 30. The best experiences I've had was with older women. The first was at age 22 she was 42 WOW!!! mind blowing she treat love making like it was going to end, I've never feel so wanted in my life she was a wild hungry sexual being. Through all these experiences I've learned a lot but the greatest lesson of all is encourage honesty, be true to yourself about who you are and what you are about and maintain respect. Now I'm married to the greatest woman I have ever met and It's because of all my past experinces, all the things these women teaches me I know how to give myself without losing myself to all the crap that destroys a good relationship. I other words I grow up pretty fast.


Unconventional Dating Relationships--

The day is here where the tables have turned on Dating. In the past, it was acceptable for older men to date younger women. Today, it is very acceptable for an older woman to date a younger man. A younger woman whom dates an older man is looking for security and a stable relationship. There is a new breed of men whom are seeking the same. I call these "very smart men!" Whose to say just because a woman is 20 yrs older than a man, that the man will eventually dump her? Sorry, men age much faster than women.

I date a man 20 yrs younger than me. His being young has nothing to do why I date him. I date him because he is a great person, we always have fun together and we make eachother very happy. Because that is the "bottom line!" Men my age (in 40's) are, "set in their ways, jaded, have baggage, and have to pay child support." I am very young for my age and don't want to raise someone else's children. Also, older men do not have a Zest for life!

With the Divorce rate at an all time high, what 60% for first Marriages, and 70% for second Marriages, obviously what we consider "Conventional" is not working. Why does society keep fulfilling the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result? Change!!!

I have a great appreciation for my younger Mate, and vice versa! Maybe that is what is lacking in all these failing Marriages across our Country. Its time for a change! A healthy relationship that is alive! Age does not matter!!!


I so naked right now.


as far men aging faster than women, medical science proves otherwise. menopause happens to women, not men and look at jaded posh Beckham and then look at very hot david Beckham.. u will see the difference.

Logan Taylor

I love cougars!!! I'm a young man thts 24 an agrees w/ this blog I jus read!!


It's funny I've been longing to date a older woman for about a year. I'm 31 looking for white female age 50-55 for a serious relationship the possibility of marriage if you're out there please contact me. ill be waiting :) and please attach a pa

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